Call of Duty: Cold War - Cronusmax/Zen Script - AimLock v2


Call of Duty: Cold War - Cronusmax/Zen Script - AimLock v2

Mod Features

Advanced Anti Recoil Rapidfire Slide Cancel Quick Scope Hold Breath Jump Shot Prone Shot Tactical Sprint Custom Button Layouts In-Game Adjustable Anti Recoil Sticky Aim Assist Sticky Headshots Target Tracker AimLock Polar Aim Assist Toggle Features Colour/Vibration Features

After Purchase Steps

1) You will receive an Email with the Script attached within 1 hour after purchasing the Script (UK Time 9am - 12pm).

2) Download the Script from the Email on any PC.

3) Open the CronusPro/Zen Studio Software.

4) Top Left of the screen, click on "File", then click on "Open", then select the AimLock v2 script from your downloads.

5) Read all the instructions on how to change button layouts, enable/disable mods, adjust antirecoil etc. Make sure to save any changes.

6) After reading instructions, click on "Programmer" tab in the CronusPro/Zen Studio Software.

7) Navigate to the "GPCFILES" box on the bottom right, then go to "downloads" and select the AimLock v2 script

8) Enjoy!

Purchase Cold War AimLock v2 Script

*Only works with Cronusmax/CronusZen*