Call Of Duty: Warzone - Cronus Zen Script - Zen Premium v1


Call Of Duty: Warzone - CronusZen Script - Zen Premium v1

Mod Features

Zen Mod Menu Rapidfire Slide Cancel Easy Run Jump Shot Side Shot Scope Shot Hold Breath Quick Scope Drop Shot Polar Aim Assist Silent Aim Assist Sticky Aim Assist 3 Anti Recoil Profiles Adjustable Anti Recoil in Zen Menu Toggle Features Colour/Vibration Features

After Purchase Steps

1) You will receive an Email with the Script attached within 1 hour after purchasing the Script (UK Time 9am - 12pm).

2) Download the Script from the Email on any PC.

3) Open the Zen Studio Software.

4) Top Left of the screen, click on "File", then click on "Open", then select the Zen Premium v1 script from your downloads.

5) Read all the instructions on how to navigate through the Zen menu, enable/disable mods, adjust antirecoil etc. 

6) After reading instructions, click on "Programmer" in the Zen Studio Software.

7) Click on the Folder icon and drag the Script onto one of your CronusZen slots.

8) Enjoy!

Purchase Warzone Zen Premium v1 Script

*Only works with CronusZen*

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